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Partnering with CPAs Nationwide: Maximizing Tax Benefits Together

At Cost Segregation Consultants, we understand that collaboration yields the most significant results. We are proud to partner with Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) nationwide to bring our specialized cost segregation programs to a broader audience. Together, we help property owners and investors unlock substantial tax savings and enhance their financial strategies.

Our program ensures that our CPA partners are always front and center with their clients. We are the expert team they have engaged on behalf of their clients to initiate the cost segregation process. The client wins with a significant tax saving or return on their taxes. The CPA wins as he is now the client’s most trusted advisor. We win with another satisfied partner anxious to help more of their clients that could benefit.

Establishing a partnership between cost segregation consultants and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) can be mutually beneficial and highly valuable for their clients. Here’s how such a partnership can work and the benefits it can offer:

Expertise Collaboration

Cost segregation consultants, and CPAs bring different areas of expertise. Cost segregation consultants specialize in identifying and reclassifying assets for tax purposes. At the same time, CPAs are experts in overall tax planning and compliance. By collaborating, they can provide clients with comprehensive and strategic tax solutions.

Enhanced Client Services

When cost segregation consultants and CPAs work together, they can offer clients a more comprehensive suite of services. This includes cost segregation studies and overall tax planning, compliance, and strategies to optimize their clients' financial situations.

Maximizing Tax Benefits

Cost segregation studies can yield substantial tax savings by accelerating depreciation deductions. CPAs can incorporate the results of these studies into their clients' overall tax strategies, helping them minimize their tax liabilities and improve cash flow.

IRS Compliance

CPAs can ensure that cost segregation studies follow IRS guidelines and regulations, reducing the risk of audit issues for their clients. This compliance assurance is valuable for clients seeking to maximize tax benefits while staying within the bounds of tax laws.

Customized Solutions

By partnering with CPAs, cost segregation consultants can offer clients tailored tax solutions that align with their specific financial goals and situations. This personalized approach can result in more significant tax savings and economic benefits.

Education and Transparency

Together, cost segregation consultants and CPAs can educate clients about the benefits and implications of cost segregation studies and how they fit into their broader tax strategies. This transparency builds trust and helps clients make informed decisions.

Long-Term Relationship

Building a partnership between cost segregation consultants and CPAs often leads to long-term relationships with clients. Clients can benefit from ongoing support and adjustments to their tax strategies as their financial situations evolve.

Marketing and Referrals

Collaborative partnerships can lead to mutual referrals. CPAs may refer clients needing cost segregation services to their partner consultants and vice versa, creating a steady stream of business for both parties.

Competitive Advantage

A combined offering of cost segregation services and CPA expertise can give both firms a competitive advantage in the market. It can differentiate them from competitors who provide only one of these services.

We aim to establish a successful partnership between cost segregation consultants and CPA firms in every state. It’s essential to have clear communication, defined roles and responsibilities, and a shared commitment to serving clients’ best interests. Additionally, both parties should stay updated on tax law and regulation changes to ensure compliance and maximize benefits for their clients.

How Our Partnership Works


We begin with a consultation to understand your client's needs and goals. Together, we assess the suitability of cost segregation for their properties.

Cost Segregation Studies

Our team conducts thorough cost segregation studies, identifying assets that can be reclassified for accelerated depreciation.

Presentation and Collaboration

We work closely with you to present cost segregation solutions to your clients. Our experts can join you in meetings to explain the benefits and answer any questions.

Study Delivery

Upon completion, we deliver detailed cost segregation reports to support your clients' tax planning and compliance efforts.

Ongoing Support

Our partnership doesn't end with the study. We support you and your clients, helping them adapt their strategies as their property portfolios evolve.

Let's Partner for Success

Ready to collaborate and offer your clients a powerful tax-saving strategy? Partner with Cost Segregation Consultants to present our cost segregation programs nationwide. Together, we can help property owners and investors maximize their returns on commercial real estate investments.

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Case Study

Flex Warehouse in Salt Lake City, Utah Year 1 Tax Savings $528,000

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